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Dashboard Examples

Dashboard Examples for the Banking Industry

Interactive dashboards for credit risk management and collection and recovery monitoring with the interactive selection of:

  • time horizon for the reporting period,
  • market segment,
  • geographic region,
  • product,
  • currency.


Information the dashboard provides:

Credit Risk Management Dashboard

  • current levels and time value development for defined portfolio variables given specified time horizon,
  • target values and the current over/under achievement,
  • comparison of several key metrics which generally directly influence each other,
  • comparison of current to last year metrics and values for variables for which trends and time series structure are important,
  • presentation of key portfolio monitoring metrics as time series,
  • calendar view on daily basis with calculated metric included, e.g. how many potential defaulted clients are we expecting on certain day (the dashboard can further be enriched with the list of such clients as a link to separate tabular presentation),
  • annual overview by month/day of collection activity monitoring; heat map is generalized given the range of values,
  • tabular representation of collection activities given the activity type,
  • migration matrices and delinquency matrices
  • delinquency representation multiple bar chart given different categories of delinquency status

Collection & Recovery Dashboard (in addition to above)

  • summary indicators for a quick portfolio status overview along with target to see how far off or over we are,
  • time series sparklines for quick structural overview of key indicators; detect which months are problematic,
  • marginal and cumulative recovery curves,
  • overview status per financial advisor; his/her contributions (+/-), respective number of clients to see the proportionality effect.



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