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What's hiding behind my data?

Which statistical technique is most appropriate for my problem?

Did I cover every angle in my data exploration?

What is the best visualization of my data?

Can I leverage with analytics to achieve competitive advantage?

When should I use mosaic plot, tree map or box-plots?


With the speedy increase of new technologies and updates of the existing ones there are many choices when it comes to tools used for visualization and reporting. The tools used always comply with client's resources and abilities for continuous use after solution deployment and delivery. Below we list technologies which we use mostly in our work.

Visualization and Reporting

SAS, R, Tableau, Adobe, Python, D3.js, MS Excel

Data Management

SAS, SQL, R, Python


We provide the full package services from data research and mining to report deployment and execution. Whether it is only an idea design of the report, visualization, presentation or full process deployment from data research and mining to technical development we work with you to fully utilize the data value to provide data communication which audience understands and help them make better decisions.

Data research & data mining

Data analytics

Defining suitable metrics

Defining validation rules

Visualization design

Report design

Technical development of individual visualization

Technical development of report(s)


how does the process work?

Effective reporting is not just about adding fancy graphs and tables on a piece of paper. Rather, it consists of a thorough process from data aggregation, integration, data quality and data analytics to actual visualization design and report development.

It is important that these steps are respected as with bad data there can not be effective information value.


For more details on the complete reporting process and what it entails please refer below to the white paper titled Creating Information Value by Building Effective Reports.

White Paper - Creating Information Value by Building Effective Reports


Creating Information Value by Building Effective Reports


June 2015

Effective reporting process

Ingredients for the effective reporting process



FinMetrika, established in 2004, provides consulting services and software solutions in the area of risk management, predictive analytics, advanced analytics of large data sets and technical solutions for all levels of the reporting processes. Solutions created are based and supported by many years of experience, both operational and management, gained on projects encompassing analysis of large and complex data sets, quantitative modelling in the area of credit risk management, scoring models implementation, dynamic  software solutions for real-time reporting and many more.

Our goal and mission is to transform the idea into actionable solutions and help our clients achieve the desired goal.



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