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Risk Management

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Strategy &


  • Support in design and development of risk strategy
  • Development of risk appetite statement
  • Design and development of risk management policies including operational level manuals
  • Assessment of risk governance framework
  • Support in implementation of Basel Accords
  • Review of regulatory risk compliance
  • Assessment of risk compliance for all identified risk types





  • Risk and finance integration from data integration to data analytics and reporting
  • Design and implementation of ERM/ICAAP framework
  • Design and development of stress testing mechanism on both intra and inter level
  • Credit risk portfolio management
  • Credit risk monitoring
  • Design and development of early warning systems
  • Risk data management - design of risk data marts conditional on performance analysis and process integration
  • Integrated risk reporting
  • Design and development of automated reporting and monitoring systems
  • Risk analytics - development of measures and computational processes designed to monitor risk on continuous basis
  • Risk adjusted performance measurement
  • Risk planning process


analysis & EXECUTION



  • Statistical modeling of risk parameters
  • Probability of Default (PD)
  • Loss Given Default (LGD)
  • Exposure at Default (EAD)
  • Credit Conversion Factor (CCF)
  • Development of rating models and scorecards
  • Macro-modeling for stress testing and financial planning
  • Optimization problems by risk measure or type
  • Specific point-problem data analytics (mining large data sets)



FinMetrika, established in 2004, provides consulting services and software solutions in the area of risk management, predictive analytics, advanced analytics of large data sets and technical solutions for all levels of the reporting processes. Solutions created are based and supported by many years of experience, both operational and management, gained on projects encompassing analysis of large and complex data sets, quantitative modelling in the area of credit risk management, scoring models implementation, dynamic  software solutions for real-time reporting and many more.

Our goal and mission is to transform the idea into actionable solutions and help our clients achieve the desired goal.



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