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Data Analytics

Leverage with analytics to create competitive advantage!


Trends, patterns, clusters and shapes are all attributes which one strives to detect from vast and multiple data sources.

Utilizing the power of top-notch technologies and integrating with large volumes of data available creates sound basis for insightful analytics.

Transforming analytics into timely  information establishes the roots for a data-driven enterprise. Moving from opinion based decisions to informative data-driven decision process should be the goal for any institution.

Starting from simple data insights and exploration to complex statistical models we provide services tailored to your data and business needs.

In need for an integrated risk management system?


Given the large abundance of regulatory frameworks and an increasing market competition there is no more room for single risk management mechanism.

Financial institutions need one integrated framework with timely data delivery and analytics to provide for an efficient backbone for strategic business decisions and day-to-day management.

With extensive experience of more than 10 years in risk management, primarily of financial institutions, we provide in depth advisory as well as operational assistance in solution execution.



Are your data results catchy and effective?

Do they convey the right message?


Information transfer within an organization is the basis for decision making process. For an information to have value proper effective visualizations are a must.

Don't clutter your audience with ineffective and distracting visualizations.

Most importantly don't spend hours on data analysis only to crush the results with improper and bad visualization.

Bring your data to life with our  help on the design, development or presentation of your visualization for the problem at hand.

Tired of boring ineffective reports?

Need to create a good story?


To tell a story in a business world people create reports, all kinds of reports from simple tabular display of data to fully interactive real-time reports or dashboards. The goal for all is the same, to convey the message in a most clear and concise way in order for the audience to make decisions or receive information.

The written story should always contain two aspects: WHAT HAPPENED and most importantly WHY.

We offer services to accommodate the full spectrum of the reporting process, from design, measure definitions, deployment and finally distribution.



FinMetrika, established in 2004, provides consulting services and software solutions in the area of risk management, predictive analytics, advanced analytics of large data sets and technical solutions for all levels of the reporting processes. Solutions created are based and supported by many years of experience, both operational and management, gained on projects encompassing analysis of large and complex data sets, quantitative modelling in the area of credit risk management, scoring models implementation, dynamic  software solutions for real-time reporting and many more.

Our goal and mission is to transform the idea into actionable solutions and help our clients achieve the desired goal.



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